Shaun Slifer

statement of intent:

My practice is a legible hybrid of research, activism, and alternative exhibition strategies. I am a storyteller, with a shapeshifting and flexible approach to creative tactics. My projects act to identify and reverse oppressive and unquestioned historical narratives. The work teaches, and it also asks.

I dig deep where I stand, substance and form for each project are fed by location and histories: I am inspired here.

I seek to highlight injustice and erode it through story manifested in experience, to suggest parallels between Then and Now: I study and strategize here.

I balance an academic’s research practice with the folk-keeper’s belief in the validity of the stories and practices of everyday people: I amplify here.

key points of interest:

coyotes + urban wildlife, historical markers + plaques, histories of oppression, histories of resistance to oppression, mythology + "folklore", memory, souvenirs, propaganda, fraktur, scrimshaw, pioneer flora + fauna, smashed pennies, DIY pedestrian and municipal infrastructures, air/water/soil quality, subterfuge + détournement, trickster archetypes.


Shaun Slifer (b.1979) is an artist, writer, scrimshander, self-taught historian, and museum professional based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His primary concern is the oppression of currently-dominant historical narratives, for humans and non-humans alike. Shaun gets particularly excited when he’s digging up untold histories, illuminating the stories held within objects, exploring tiny upstart museums, celebrating urban-adaptive flora and fauna, and documenting (and sometimes making) DIY civic signage.

Shaun regularly works in collaboration with other artists, non-artists, and in collectively structured groups including the now-disbanded Street Art Workers and the Howling Mob Society, and currently Justseeds Artists' Cooperative (of which he is a founding member) and the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum (where he is the creative director and exhibition designer).

Shaun has exhibited internationally in a variety of museums, galleries, and nonprofit spaces, as well as non-authorized public settings. He has presented on history, creative practice, and grassroots media at numerous universities and conferences in the United States and Europe.

Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA, with roots in Nebraska and Tennessee, he received a BFA with a concentration in sculpture from Watkins College of Art in Nashville in 2003.

installing Between Dog and Wolf, location unknown

photo by Bill Daniel, 2009

photo by Becca Susman, 2012