Shaun Slifer

collaborative cranking @ Bill Daniel's Tri-X Noise traveling exhibition, Babyland Studios, Pittsburgh, Dec. 2014

Penny Smasher Project v.1
(w/ Stuart O. Anderson)
interactive custom-built penny-smashing machine: steel, aluminum on cherry base with flocked interior

In the fall of 2014, long-time collaborator Stuart Anderson and I designed and built a working penny smashing machine - a sort of prototype for working out the kinks on a much-larger project we're in the middle of now. This first machine features a small, open design, which allows users to see every moving part as they crank a US penny through the mechanism. We designed several press dies for events, slogans, and themes, and toured the machine to small art and social engagements throughout the autumn and winter of 2014-15.

We're currently working on the second stage of this project, a new multi-die machine capable of pressing both sides of a penny, and focusing on extinct and critically endangered animals and urban wildlife in North America.