Shaun Slifer

installation view

Three Possibilities for Reintroduction
organic elements from contemporary art installations, active kitchen/garden compost, parking lot detritus

Organic elements, removed from contemporary installations by well-known artists, were inserted into active natural processes which facilitated their eventual reintroduction into the natural world, and thus the role they would have filled had they not been removed from their role as art. A twig from an Andy Goldsworthy installation, for example, was mixed into a small amount of active compost consisting of kitchen and garden scraps from my home. The compost was tended to throughout the exhibition, and later mixed back into a larger pile to eventually be spread into my garden. The twig eventually returned to soil. Similarly, a stone from a Sol LeWitt sculpture was introduced into the gravel parking lot of a bar in my neighborhood, to be ground down and eroded by cars and other similar stones - to move on long after the structure of the bar and it's attendant lot have disappeared.

Participating artists include Andy Goldsworthy, Sol LeWitt, and John Bock.