Shaun Slifer

Justseeds Artists' Cooperative: Printing on Paper

Since 2007, I have been an active, founding member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative—a thirty member, worker-owned graphics-production collective that promotes politically progressive graphics as pedagogical tools for social and environmental movements. In my work within Justseeds, I like to keep the design simple and the message direct, which has lead me to a focus on a primarily text-based practice in recent years.

I was the researcher and writer for Justseeds’ first collectively produced publication, Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas (Microcosm Publishing: 2010). I co-edited the book with Justseeds member and friend, Bec Young.

I've contributed work to several of our themed print portfolios over the years, including Resourced, War is Trauma (with Iraq Veterans Against the War), Migration Now (with Culture Str/ke), and Liberating Learning, Wellspring, the 2018 Poor People's Campaign portfolio, and Tierra y Libertad with Escuela de Cultura Popular Mártires del 68. I've also contributed three designs to the ongoing Celebrate People's History poster series, a project of Justseeds member Josh MacPhee. The posters profiled Eliseé Reclus, the Kalamazoo Corset Company Strike of 1912 (collaboration with Sara Beth Meister), and the Luddites.

As well as printing on paper, Justseeds has produced several large, collaborative installations in galleries, each of which I participated in directly:
“Uprisings: Images of Labor” - Union Art Gallery (University of Wisconsin), Milwaukee, WI (2013)
"Refuge", 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts: International Centre of Graphic Arts, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011)
untitled installation at 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial - (conceived and organized by myself, Bec Young, and Mary Tremonte - curated by Astria Suparak), Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA (2011)
"Which Side Are You On?" - Union Art Gallery (University of Wisconsin), Milwaukee, WI (2009)
"Out of the Shell of the Old" - Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA (2008)

In 2012, I curated "Guns vs. Butter", an exhibition of anti-war print work from Justseeds and the historic poster collection at the Interference Archive, at Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, PA. The exhibition contextualized the work of current socially-motivated graphics alongside a history of posters as an integral element of popular grassroots movements against war, colonialism, and military occupation.

Most of my prints are available through Justseeds here.

Currently, I manage the Justseeds online store in Pittsburgh.


Risograph print, 2015
Risograph print, 2015
Risograph print, 2015
offset print, Celebrate People's History series, 2014
screenprint, 2013
digital print, 2011
screenprint and spraypaint, 2010
letterpress print, 2010
letterpress print, 2010
letterpress print, 2010
letterpress print, 2010
screenprint, 2010
screenprint, 2010
letterpress, 2009
letterpress and spraypaint, 2009
offset print, Celebrate People's History series, 2008
linoleum block print, 2008
offset print, Celebrate People's History series, 2002