Shaun Slifer

The Grey Stare
3:46 loop, stereo

"The Grey Stare" was created specifically for the July, 2012 Acid Rain public access television series, curated by Jerstin Crosby and broadcast in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Manhattan, NYC.

The video is meant to operate expressly in the channel-surfing realm. Timed to coincide with the cable television and DVD release of The Grey (2012), a Liam Neeson survivalist blockbuster, "The Grey Stare" loops a man v. beast stare-down from the final scenes of the film for a full half-hour of each Acid Rain television broadcast. I was excited by the notion that someone would be flipping channels and land on what they thought was a new anti-wolf monster/action flick, only to realize (in a few seconds, probably) that they were watching an endless, looped stare-down.

From the Acid Rain Vimeo site: "Acid Rain is pleased to present a world premiere of Shaun Slifer's "The Grey Stare". As with many of Slifers' videos, he employs clips from animal-horror films into a new psychological space [...] As he mentions, the theme of 'man' overcoming the odds and dominating nature is as old as the oral traditions, a metaphor for longstanding primitive fears, and the struggle for dominion. Though when filtered through Slifer's perspective, with the triumph removed, we are left with representations of nature-gone-wild, wreaking havoc on mankind. The nature represented in his works are not only non-passive, but aggressive and specific about their prey..."

The Grey received the 2012 Scat Award from the International Wolf Center, "awarded each year for the worst wolf misinformation in the media."

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