Be In Touch:

You may contact me through email * at

You’re welcome to follow my work
on Instagram (@mulchthief), which is mostly
about research and production but may
occasionally feature a plant,
or perhaps an insect.

I write online at the Justseeds blog,
often in the Museum From Below channel,
where I dig into various aspects of working
with the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum.
I also co-curate a channel called DIYDPW
with Kevin Caplicki, in which we highlight
global examples of extralegal, citizen-led
urban infrastructure projects.

I have an email list, and I send big updates out once or twice a year. I’d love for you to subscribe:

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* Sorry, but I am not available for consulting on fabricating penny smashing machines,
nor will we be able to lend you ours to retrofit with your own designs (seriously people
who should know better have asked me this).